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Re-Elect Young for Benicia Mayor




As we approach the forthcoming election, our City stands at a crossroads of critical decisions that will define the future of Benicia. The challenges we face are many and will require innovative solutions and steadfast resolve. 


For the past four years, I have led the Council through the City's response to a global pandemic, building a solid financial foundation, rezoning land to encourage more housing, fostering a vibrant downtown and business park, and championing the simplification of City processes to make it easier for residents and businesses to access City services. Additionally, I have realigned the scope of the Housing Preservation Review Commission.


I have made transparency and communication the core mission of my service to Benicia residents. I am the first Mayor to regularly monitor, engage and communicate with constituents on social media and I consistently respond to direct and public questions. 


There is more to be done.


In this election, we are not just deciding on leadership; we are continuing to shape the vision of Benicia’s identity, aspiring to create a community that embodies resilience, prosperity, and a balance between smart progress, historic preservation, and ongoing sustainability.


I ask for your vote to re-elect me as your Mayor so that I can continue to work hard for Benicians for four more years.

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